HES Develops New Fuel Cell for Low-Altitude UAVs


1084_mcartridges HES Develops New Fuel Cell for Low-Altitude UAVsSingaporean company Horizon Energy Systems (HES) has introduced an on-demand hydrogen generation technology, based on a solid fuel system, to further improve the flight endurance of small, fuel-cell, electric drones.

The new 700Wh/kg solid fuel AEROPAK-S eliminates the need for a complex catalytic reactor – reducing size, weight and complexity and offering a self-contained, plug-and-play fuel cartridge system.

The ability to perform long-endurance missions with a low-altitude, small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) provides considerable new benefits in, for example, border patrol, infrastructure surveillance or environmental monitoring.

“The new AEROPAK-S is the result of years of effort in simplifying what are typically complex systems and making them easy to deploy,” says Taras Wankewycz, CEO of HES.

AEROPAK-S already powered a commercial mini UAV flight earlier this year, says HES. Custom versions of the system have been in development with several aerospace original equipment manufacturers – some of which are moving to serial production in the coming months.

Although the company’s visibility has been in mostly the fixed-wing segment, HES expects to set a new world flight duration record in the multi-rotor segment in the coming weeks.

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