Headwall Photonics and Leica Geosystems Enter New Partnership


Leica Geosystems and Headwall Photonics have established a partnership agreement whereby Leica Geosystems will resell and integrate Headwall's line of hyperspectral imaging sensors into its airborne product portfolio.

This will include Headwall's new Nano-Hyperspec sensor for small, lightweight unmanned aerial systems (UAS) deployment. Leica Geosystems, a Switzerland-based provider of geospatial data acquisition and mapping products, selected Headwall’s hyperspectral imaging sensors to meet the growing demand for advanced hyperspectral sensors that acquire imagery data – which includes both spatial and spectral (chemical) information within the mapping area of interest.

Headwall Photonics, which has a headquarters in Massachusetts and a facility in Belgium, designs and manufactures imaging sensors and spectral instrumentation for industrial, commercial and government markets.

Headwall’s Hyperspec sensors generate a very high-resolution hyperspectral datacube that allows users to map features based on the chemical composition of objects in the scene. For example, forests can be mapped by plant species, quarries can be mapped by mineral composition and farmland can be mapped by plant vitality, the companies explain.

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