Headwall Launches Compact Data-Processing System for UAVs

Headwall Photonics Inc., a provider of spectral imaging solutions, has introduced a data-processing unit designed specifically for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) applications requiring sensor fusion.

Using Hyperspec III, HyperCore serves as the central connection point for remote-sensing instruments, such as multiple hyperspectral sensors, LiDAR, thermal cameras, RGB instruments and GPS/IMU units.

CEO David Bannon explains, “The convergence of small UAVs and the need for different but complementary instruments such as LiDAR, GPS, thermal and others led us to develop a single point of fusion for the data streams from each instrument.”

Designed for harsh airborne environments, HyperCore – the size and weight of a Rubik’s Cube – stores 500 GB of incoming airborne data. It is designed to work with Headwall’s Hyperspec family of sensors, plus a range of instruments from third-party vendors.

“A precision agriculturalist wants to know if there is an invasive disease posing a threat to his crops,” continues Bannon. “HyperCore gives the user community a processing solution for managing those data streams in a small and light, UAV-friendly package.”


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