GoPro: Camera AND Drone Manufacturer?


GoPro Inc. is reportedly planning to dive deeper into the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) world: It is in the process of creating its own line of drones.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the U.S.-headquartered company is looking to roll out a line of UAVs, costing $500-$1,000, in late 2015.

GoPro, whose cameras are often attached to commercial and hobbyist drones, most recently came out with what it called the highest-performance line of capture devices it has ever made, the HERO4 edition of cameras.

Around the same time, the company also joined the Small UAV Coalition, a group of companies prevalent in the UAV world. The group, whose members include UAV manufacturers, has since been advocating for the advancement of a regulatory system to guide the safe operations of UAVs.

The Wall Street Journal says Colin Guinn, an executive from 3D Robotics (which is also a member of the coalition), is surprised that GoPro would take this route. He says GoPro can “keep making great cameras,” while 3D Robotics will “keep making great copters.”

The full coverage can be found here.
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