Georgia Drone Summit Arrives with UGA, CNN AIR Support

Registration is now open for the inaugural Georgia Drone Summit, to be held Oct. 20-21 at the Classic Center in Athens, Ga.

The summit, sponsored in part by the University of Georgia’s (UGA) Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, will feature a showcase of drone projects, along with keynote presentations and panel discussions covering technology, business practices, legal issues and ethics.

“Drones are an increasingly important part of the media landscape, be it journalism, film, public relations or advertising,” states Charles N. Davis, dean of Grady College, in a UGA press release. “We want to bring the industry together, get to know as many of the players as possible, and build ties between them and our students.”

In addition to Grady College, several other industry partners are sponsoring the summit, including CNN Aerial Imagery and Reporting (CNN AIR), Turner Entertainment, The Weather Channel, the National Press Photographers Association, and the New Media Institute.

“Drones can be an invaluable addition to the journalist’s toolkit, allowing us to create unique and powerful imagery, to be more creative in our storytelling, and more importantly, to add context and understanding for all of our viewers and users,” adds Greg Agvent, senior director of CNN AIR. “As a new and nascent industry, we’re making headway on the opportunities that are before us, but continued collaboration and the exchange of ideas and information are necessary to stay on that upward trajectory.”


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