Full-Service Drone Marketing Team Launches in North Dakota

North Dakota-based Launchboxx has commenced operations as a full-service advertising and marketing team dedicated to the unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) industry.

The company, a division of Absolute Marketing Group, says it provides marketing strategy, website, creative, public relations and other advertising services to manufacturers, software developers, businesses trying to break into the UAS industry and organizations already providing drone-related services.

Brian Jorvig, drone marketing specialist at Launchboxx, and MacDalton Berns, marketing advisor and partner at Absolute Marketing Group, recognized the need for emerging companies in the UAS industry to set themselves apart from the competition and get noticed by investors, customers and the media. The company says it is the first of its kind in the U.S.

“Most of the information currently in the marketplace is confusing or not ending up in front of the right people,” comments Shawn Muehler, chief operating officer and co-founder of Botlink, a Launchboxx client. “The strategies Launchboxx is using are essential to identifying and targeting specific demographics in a way that creates demand and results in increased sales.”

Berns says, “We’re using our creative and technical expertise, personal connections and knowledge of the UAS industry to develop powerful marketing initiatives and build a network of strategic alliances. The UAS industry is changing on a daily basis and continues to grow incredibly fast. We’re really excited to be part of that growth.”


  1. Looking into the possibility of getting a drone system and learning how to do and take aerial mapping on our farm and maybe further? Just trying to look into the possibilities, potentials and feasibility of it! Starting with hobby level and moving into farm field mapping etc. and possibly, if feasible do some custom mapping etc. FFA regulations and rules ( which are very necessary)!!! I would be real concerned about the interaction of field mapping Drones working in conjunction with spray planes safety concerns??? Just at the early stages of research tho? Looks to me to get into a serious good/ high quality photography and videos systems its $2500.00 ! That is a very expensive toy if things don’t work out as far as feasibility, dependability, reliability, longevity factors?? What little bit of research I have done, in that price range there are 2 systems that look interesting to me “The Phantom 3 Pro” and the ” 3DR Solo Quadcopter”systems. Of course the real serious systems are $7 to 15 thousand dollars but would really need to know what you are doing with that kind of investment!!! One of many questions I have is liability insurance cost factor and possible replacement/ crash insurance possibilities? Well any and all the info ADVICE and educational research would be very welcoming from my perspective! THANKS, ROBERT PTACEK


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