Former LAPD Deputy Chief Joins Hoverfly to Advise on Drones


Mike Hillmann, retired deputy chief of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), has joined Hoverfly Technologies Inc., a provider of tether-powered unmanned aircraft systems, to “consult and provide expertise” to Hoverfly and public safety officials who are considering the use of drones, the company says.

According to Hoverfly, Hillmann is helping chiefs of police, local city and county officials, and other public safety personnel understand how Hoverfly’s tether-powered LiveSky systems can be deployed from police or EMS vehicles to provide incident commanders with actionable intelligence from high above the scene within minutes of arrival.

“Tactically, having the ability to stay in the air monitoring the situation from above for hours, days, even weeks at a time represents an amazing capability we never had before,” says Hillmann. “During my career, I can think of hundreds of situations where having a drone in the air to provide real-time intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance would have helped keep my officers and the community much safer. It’s a force multiplier that should be exploited by public safety.”

hoverfly Former LAPD Deputy Chief Joins Hoverfly to Advise on Drones

Lew Pincus, Hoverfly’s senior vice president of systems, adds, “When incidents and/or events happen, having real-time situational awareness from above the scene is critical to managing risk and upholding public safety and the safety of those who serve our communities.”

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