Forensic Inspections via UAS OK’d by the FAA

1162_rimkus Forensic Inspections via UAS OK'd by the FAARimkus Consulting Group Inc., a provider of forensic engineering consulting services for insurance companies, law firms, corporations and government agencies, has become one of the first companies to receive Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval to use small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for conducting forensic inspections.

The company – which is headquartered in Houston and operates across the U.S., as well as in London – received approval to operate the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ for aerial inspections and surveys of structures and facilities. According to Rimkus, it is the first forensic services provider to be granted a commercial exemption for quadcopter usage.

Rimkus says a UAS offers a number of benefits for forensic evaluations, including greater speed, safety, practicality and efficiency. The technology is especially beneficial for difficult and dangerous inspections, such as those involving steep-sloped roofs; exterior facades and walls; towers and bridges; and damage due to fires and explosions, vehicle accidents, and other catastrophic events.

‘To say that this technology is changing the face of our industry and bringing added value to our clients is an understatement. We can now obtain better, more-timely evidence in challenging locations with less risk and expense,’ says Curtis Brown, president and CEO of Rimkus Consulting Group.


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