XEagle UAV is Controlled by Operator’s Voice, Smartwatch

At the Consumer Technology Association’s CES 2016 in Las Vegas, FLYPRO Aerospace Tech Co. Ltd. introduced the XEagle unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), what the company calls a “smartwatch UAV.”

According to FLYPRO, the XEagle does not require a remote control or smartphone to operate. Instead, users can control the UAV with their voice: The aircraft relies on speech recognition to follow voice commands.

In addition, all of the UAV’s features have been integrated into a smartwatch. This “one key control,” says FLYPRO, enables landing, following, 360-degree circling and other tasks. The XEagle also includes an obstacle-avoidance function.

Able to achieve a high speed of 15 m/s while recording, the drone also has a smart gimbal follow function, which ensures that subjects being filmed will be in the center of the video.

Large-scale production will begin later this month. In early February, the UAVs will be available on the market and will range from $455 to $895, says FLYPRO.


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