Flying-Cam UAS Uses Operating System from QNX Software

QNX Software Systems Ltd., a provider of software platforms for connected embedded systems, and Flying-Cam, a designer and manufacturer of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), have announced that the QNX Neutrino operating system is powering the Flying-Cam 3.0 SARAH UAS.

QNX notes that Flying-Cam's SARAH UAS, in service since 2012, has been used to film a variety of movies. The UAS, QNX adds, includes a 25-kilogram fully electric platform, one-inch precision autopilot, gyrostabilized camera head, and ground control station that provides a graphical user interface for mission programming and monitoring.

According to QNX, Flying-Cam chose the QNX operating system for its flexible architecture and real-time determinism. The Flying-Cam development team, QNX says, also uses the QNX Momentics tool suite, which helps simplify the task of achieving optimal system performance.


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