Florida State Kicking off New Unmanned Aerial Systems Program

726_154239258 Florida State Kicking off New Unmanned Aerial Systems ProgramTallahassee's Florida State University will soon begin the first class of its new ‘Application of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems’ program.

Beginning next semester, the school's Emergency Management and Homeland Security Program, which is part of the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy, will launch the course ‘Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Systems,’ according to a post from the university.

Focusing on UAS weighing under 55 pounds, the entire program will show students how the technology is used “in a variety of public and private applications,” such as emergency response or agricultural remote sensing, the post says.

The program, which the article adds is “the first such academic track at a major Florida public university,” requires 15 and 12 hours of credit for a certificate for graduates and undergraduates, respectively.

Read the full report here.


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