Florida Start-Up Establishes ‘Dronemeisters’ UAV Pilot Directory

Dronemeisters LLC has launched as a brand-driven drone pilot directory at Dronemeisters.com. The company was formed by Mark Slatko and Alec Larson, two drone enthusiasts in Florida who aimed to create a definitive guide to Federal Aviation Administration-approved unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators.

According to the company, the resource – which includes a Dronemeister Wizard logo and pilot apparel – is designed to help top pilots stand out amongst the quickly growing crowd of UAV operators.

“Brand recall and breaking through the clutter is everything in an emerging industry,” says Slatko, director of marketing. “We asked Realtors, builders and event planners to name a drone pilot directory off the top of their heads. None of them could.”

By using the website’s geo-locator map, clients can hone in on local drone pilots in just a few minutes. To further its “You Fly. We Create The Buzz.” mission, Dronemeisters says it supports its pilots through an integrated marketing mix, including Web ads, SEO techniques, a social media campaign and Drone Wizard apparel designed to draw attention to pilots.

“We’re not here to be passive,” adds Larson, director of business development. “We’re disrupting the norm, grabbing mindshare, helping our pilots stay busy and having fun at the same time.”

The company has offices in Miami and Orlando, Fla., and welcomes business partnership inquiries from interested industry stakeholders.


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