Flirtey Claims First Silicon Valley Drone Delivery

U.S.-based start-up Flirtey says it has made the first-ever drone delivery to take place in California’s Silicon Valley. According to the company, a Flirtey drone flew to a group of investors gathered at the Rosewood hotel on Sand Hill Road and dropped off a package that contained a symbolic “save the date” invitation to Flirtey’s 100 millionth drone delivery and a gift of a pair of Stance socks. The delivery was conducted during Menlo Ventures’ 40th annual meeting.

Flirtey says the delivery demonstrates how quickly the company has developed a safe and reliable drone delivery system for operation in complex urban environments. Flirtey notes it has already conducted deliveries of Domino’s pizza in New Zealand and delivered 7-Eleven over-the-counter medicine to customers’ homes in Nevada.

“Completing drone deliveries in the heart of Silicon Valley demonstrates that Flirtey is poised to take drone delivery to the mainstream consumer market in urban centers all across the U.S. and around the globe,” said Matthew Sweeny, Flirtey CEO.

During the Silicon Valley event, Mark Siegel, managing partner of Menlo Ventures, received the drone-delivered “save the date” invitation. Flirtey says Siegel was a seed-round investor who saw the potential in the drone delivery company back when it was part of the Y Combinator start-up incubator.

“It is amazing to see how far Flirtey has come since Y Combinator,” Siegel said. “We are very excited to have invested in Flirtey at the ground floor and watch this company take off and revolutionize the delivery industry.”


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