FLIR, DroneSense Offer UAS Flight Management Software for Public Safety


FLIR Systems Inc. has announced the DroneSense–FLIR Edition, an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) flight management software platform designed for public safety applications.

The new solution is the first product developed through a collaboration between FLIR and DroneSense. FLIR announced a strategic investment in the Austin, Texas-based software company in April.

According to the partners, DroneSense-FLIR Edition – designed to help improve incident response for public safety organizations – combines thermal and visual imaging processing with flight data planning and management capabilities.

Drone-captured FLIR thermal sensor data is streamed directly into the software. It includes features such as autonomous flight control, live video streaming, and drone asset and compliance management capabilities. The platform is hosted on a secure government cloud server and enables real-time data interpretation for a variety of drones and use cases.

The DroneSense-FLIR Edition supports the DJI Zenmuse XT2 and any DJI drone-based thermal payloads offering Thermal by FLIR. It can be connected via Wi-Fi or cellular networks with multiple feed streaming capabilities or can be used as a stand-alone, independent communications remote ad-hoc network with automatic logging and syncing of all flight data.

“Drones are a vital tool in various incident response scenarios, and the addition of FLIR thermal sensor data provides a powerful asset to first responders,” says Frank Pennisi, president of FLIR’s industrial business unit. “The use of FLIR thermal technology on drones has earned tremendous interest by public safety organizations both due to their relatively low cost for an airborne surveillance system and rapid deployment capabilities. Now through our partnership with DroneSense, first responders can stream thermal data into DroneSense’s flight control software to transform incident response management.”

The software will be available for purchase through authorized U.S. distributors beginning Oct. 18.

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