Firm Deploys UAV to Track Landslide, Fears FAA Crackdown


Tributary Environmental, a consulting firm that specializes in aquatic restoration, geologic investigations, aerial surveys and lake mapping, is using a camera-equipped unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to track a slow-moving landslide in Jackson, Wyo.

A two-man team from the company, Case Brown and Jason Rolfe, operate the UAV and sell the footage they collect to the town under an exclusive agreement, according to an article by NPG of Idaho.

However, the men fear that because they are being compensated for their services, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) may crack down on their work as part of the agency's ban of commercial UAV operations.

For the time being, Brown and Rolfe will continue to employ the aircraft, with the hope that the FAA will understand that their project is benefiting Jackson and not motivated entirely by profit.

Read the full NPG of Idaho article here.

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