FAA Says Don’t Bother Hiring Drone Registration Companies

After announcing in October that it will require U.S. drone operators to register their aircraft, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is now advising unmanned aircraft system (UAS) users to “think twice” before paying companies to help the operators with the registration process when the system is in place.

In a press release, the FAA suggests there’s no need for UAS owners to work with a “drone registration” company, as the registration process is expected to be simple.

The FAA says owners should wait until additional details about the forthcoming drone registration system are announced later this month before hiring anyone to do the work for them.

The task force assigned to provide FAA Administrator Michael Huerta with recommendations on the registration process is still days away from delivering this information. However, the FAA notes, at least one company is already offering to help people register their drones for a fee.

Two weeks ago, Huerta told the task force to provide guidance on a streamlined drone registration process that will be easy to complete, as well as on which types of UAS would need to be registered and which would not. The FAA says the task force agreed and is working on recommendations for a system that is similar to registering any newly purchased product with its manufacturer.


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