FAA: Non-Federal Use of Counter-UAS Systems at Airports is Prohibited


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued a statement on the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) detection systems at airports. The agency does not support the use of counter-UAS systems by any entities other than federal departments with explicit statutory authority.

The FAA says it understands airport safety and security concerns raised by the malicious or errant use of drones. The agency shares these concerns, it explains.

In order to support the safe integration of UAS detection systems into the airport environment, the FAA continues to work closely with airport operators who are considering installing UAS detection systems or have already installed such systems at or near their airports.

The agency expects to supplement this information with additional information related to UAS detection system coordination as it refines its processes and procedures for safe use the systems.

The FAA has also provided information regarding the prohibition on the use of non-federal counter-UAS technologies at or around airports. These systems could pose an aviation safety risk by interfering with aircraft navigation and air navigation services, the agency says.

More can be found here under “Guidance & Policy.”

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