FAA-Certified Repairman Bringing Services to UAS Companies

589_robotic_skies_and_service-drone FAA-Certified Repairman Bringing Services to UAS CompaniesRobotic Skies and service-drone have announced that a repairman certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Chris Haskell, has completed an intensive manufacturer training program to troubleshoot, maintain and repair service-drone's MULTIROTOR line of small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS).

With factory training complete, Robotic Skies is now deploying for service-drone a comprehensive maintenance and repair program based on best practices from the manned aviation industry. Haskell will also assume the role of lead trainer for other repairmen in the network of nearly 50 Part 145 Robotic Skies service centers, ensuring field service coverage for the airframes across North America and beyond, the companies explain.

Haskell, the facility manager for Henderson, Nev.-based Kings Avionics Inc., a full-service FAA Part 145 repair station, attended the program at service-drone's production facilities in Hamburg, Germany.

‘Step by step, we are getting prepared for the wave of commercial drones, which will be in need of ongoing – and, eventually, FAA regulated – inspections and repair,’ comments Brad Hayden, president and CEO of Robotic Skies. ‘Having the first and only factory-trained FAA repairman for these MULTIROTORs is a huge asset for our repair station network.’

service-drone GmbH of Berlin, Germany, develops and manufactures the MULTIROTOR line of UAS, which are being used in a wide range of applications, including over 400 of them in commercial operations in Europe. Boulder, Colo.-based bizUAS Corp. is the distributor of service-drone for the Americas.

Robotic Skies is a nationwide network of service centers that are optimized to provide certification, maintenance and repair for the emerging commercial UAS fleet. It also offers a turnkey field service program designed to keep drones flying safely and affordably, the company says.


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