Embention Announces New Design of its M400 Multirotor Solution


Unmanned aircraft systems component and system developer Embention has unveiled a new design of its NM& M400 platform.

Available in standard and tethered versions, the NM& M400 can be employed in a variety of activities, such as the control and conservation of wildlife and flora, firefighting, precision agriculture, crop management and control, natural resources management, surveying, construction, the inspection of oil and gas pipelines, and mining.

According to Embention, the newly designed M400 standard version has an endurance of up to 52 minutes and can reach speeds up to 80 km/hr. Moreover, it can carry payloads of up to 1.4 kg and is one of the first multirotor drones to have an available tethered drone conversion kit, the company states. The installed control system is compatible with the control of the tethered drone, making it completely autonomous in any of its configurations.

Embention says the M400 utilizes the Veronte Autopilot avionics system for the automatic flight control of the drone and installed payload. It includes configurable fail-safe modes and was developed in accordance with DO-254 and DO-178/ED-12 aviation regulations, the company adds.

Photo courtesy of Embention.

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