Electronics Engineering Veteran Named Exec at Velodyne LiDAR


1229_velodyne_vp_engineering Electronics Engineering Veteran Named Exec at Velodyne LiDARVelodyne LiDAR, a division of Morgan Hill, Calif.-based Velodyne Acoustics Inc., has named Pieter Kerstens vice president of engineering.

Kerstens brings to Velodyne more than 30 years of experience in high-tech engineering and manufacturing management within the U.S., Europe and Asia for organizations including TDK, Xicato, IBM, Philips and Hitachi. He is listed as an inventor on 14 patents.

Velodyne provides high-definition, real-time 3D LiDAR sensors for autonomous vehicle applications. Velodyne says it introduced LiDAR during the 2004-2005 DARPA Grand Challenge and has since optimized the technology for a range of other applications, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), mobile mapping, robotics and factory automation.
1229_velodynelidarpuck Electronics Engineering Veteran Named Exec at Velodyne LiDAR
Kerstens joins Velodyne LiDAR from Headway Technologies Inc., a hard disk drive component manufacturer unit of TDK. Prior to Headway, Kerstens served four years as vice president of engineering and senior vice president of technology development for Xicato Inc.

He previously served as senior director of engineering for extreme ultraviolet lithography light sources at Cymer Inc. (now ASML). At Hitachi GST, Kerstens worked in senior development and manufacturing engineering management positions.

For IBM, Kerstens served in mid-level operations, engineering and business development management positions. He began his career with Philips Research, where he constructed 3D maps from the images collected with a moving robot’s camera.

Velodyne's offerings include a compact, lightweight HDL 32E sensor, available for many applications including UAVs, as well as the VLP-16 LiDAR Puck, a 16-channel, real-time LiDAR sensor both substantially smaller and less expensive than previous generation sensors, says Velodyne.

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