Egg-Shaped PowerEgg Drone Offers Gesture Recognition, Portability

PowerEgg – PowerVision Technology Group’s first consumer drone, an egg-shaped unmanned aircraft system (UAS) with gesture recognition – is now available for global pre-order.

According to the company, the one-handed PowerEgg Maestro remote control has motion-sensing capabilities, allowing users to interact with and manipulate the drone in flight via gesture recognition through integrated accelerometers and gyroscopes. Users can control up-down, left-right and near-far motions; in addition, takeoff and landing can be done with the push of a button.

The one-handed, gesture-based capability is enabled by the separation of the flight processor and base station within PowerEgg Maestro. In turn, says PowerVision, this allows for future PowerEgg and potentially third-party controller and upgrade options. For users that require enhanced control, PowerEgg also comes with a traditional, two-handed remote control.

Shipping is scheduled for mid-October. The standard package includes the PowerEgg aircraft, PowerEgg Maestro remote control, two-hand remote control, base station, PowerEgg smart battery and battery charger. Pre-order customers will also receive a PowerEgg backpack.

Wally Zheng, founder and global CEO of PowerVision Technology Group, says, “We designed PowerEgg to be the consumer drone for everyone. It’s sleek, compact and portable but also easy to operate – making it simple for anyone to launch and capture special moments on camera.”

According to the company, the 4.6-lb. UAS – which was first announced earlier this year – is equipped with HD video transmission and has a maximum flight time of approximately 23 minutes. With its optical positioning system, PowerEgg can fly indoors, low to the ground and in GPS-free areas. PowerVision notes that the egg-shaped design, including pack-and-go features – addresses user demand for easy portability.

PowerEgg’s integrated 4K ultra-HD camera can produce photographs and video with panoramic, 360-degree views on a three-axis gimbal. In addition, the drone’s flight software includes multiple automated flight modes that let users easily frame their shots while the PowerEgg automatically manages its flight path. These PowerModes include follow me, orbit, waypoint and selfie mode and are accessed through the iOS or Android user interface.


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