easyJet Adds Motion Capture Technology to Drone Inspections


1286_easyjet2 easyJet Adds Motion Capture Technology to Drone InspectionsVicon, a provider of motion capture technology, says its T-Series motion capture cameras are being used as part of easyJet's drone testing program to manage airplane damage.

During testing, which took place at Luton Airport in the U.K., easyJet deployed Vicon's T160 camera system to track the movement of Blue Bear and Createc's RISER quadcopter. The system provided the engineering team with precise, real-time feedback, which allowed them to validate the data produced by the quadcopter in order to measure its efficiency, explains Vicon.

easyJet expects drones to be in active operation at up to 10 engineering hangars across Europe by the end of 2016.

“The use of these emerging technologies frees up our engineering and digital teams to enable them to undertake more skilled tasks,” explains Ian Davies, easyJet's head of engineering.

“Manually checking aircraft for damage is becoming less cost-effective, and there’s a real opportunity to reduce the time aircraft are grounded,” says Warren Lester, product manager at Vicon. “Our motion capture systems provide accurate and reliable data analysis for all types of companies and applications; it’s great to see easyJet using Vicon technology to support its engineering teams.”
1286_easyjet easyJet Adds Motion Capture Technology to Drone Inspections

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