Due to Popular Demand, Michigan College Announces Drone Courses


Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) in Michigan says it is responding to local demand for courses on how to pilot a drone.

Julie Parks, GRCC’s executive director of workforce training, says her department received requests for a training program from area residents and employers. In turn, GRCC will offer two drone courses at the Leslie M. Tassell M-TEC facility in Grand Rapids.

“We know that a growing and diverse field of industries in west Michigan is relying on drones for a variety of applications, and they’ll need people with piloting skills to fill jobs,” states Parks. “We want to help people gain these in-demand skills in a field that is only going to keep growing.”

One course is an introductory class for those with little to no experience with drones. They will work to become prepared for the remote pilot commercial certification test issued by the Federal Aviation Administration. The class covers types of drones and how they can be used, legal issues, maintenance, federal regulations, piloting skills, and best safety practices. The 18-hour class, offered on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, has sections starting on April 17 and May 22.

The second class is for those who have already gained practical flying skills. Topics covered will include navigational charts, aviation weather sources and emergency procedures. The six-hour class is planned for May 8 and May 10, as well as on June 12 and June 14.

Both courses include hands-on training and practice, GRCC notes.

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