Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority Deploying UAVs


601_465905193 Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority Deploying UAVsThe Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, is using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to track the completion of what it says are the city's ‘vital projects.’

The UAVs, according to Abdullah Al Madani, CEO of RTA's corporate technical support services sector, will ‘reach places inaccessible by conventional human means such as work teams,’ including “the upper parts of the metro stations and underneath bridges to inspect or identify the parts that need maintenance.”

“We have recently conducted a practical test run by flying a drone to monitor the implementation phases of Jumeirah Beach Walkway Project, street lighting units and completed phases of the Dubai Water Canal project,” Al Madani says.

“The test has several benefits as it has provided us with a holistic view of the sites and projects to follow up the completion phases. The drone service can also be used in cases of crisis and emergencies on the roads to monitor the adverse impacts on a large scale, which ultimately serves residents of Dubai,” he explains.

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