Drones Put into Action by Another Police Force

564_101829558 Drones Put into Action by Another Police ForceWhile the Los Angeles Police Department's drones remain idle in federal custody, those of another police force are being put into operation.

According to an article on The Washington Post, police in Zurich, Switzerland, have partnered with the city's geospatial/surveying department to purchase an unmanned aerial system (UAS), which has already been put to the test to capture overhead footage at the site of accidents.

The aircraft may be also be used in the future for land surveying and mapping purposes, the report says.

The Swiss police are no stranger to UAS: The force in Bern have also recently implemented one for examining accidents, as well as fires. Earlier this year, officers in Canada credited a UAS for saving the life of a car-crash victim – proving what can come of accident investigations via drone.

Read the full Washington Post report here.


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