‘Drones in Education’ Book Details Benefits of UAS in Teaching Curriculum

Two New Jersey City University (NJCU) professors and an NJCU doctoral student have collaborated on “Drones in Education: Let Your Students’ Imaginations Soar,” a book for educators that details the benefits of introducing unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) technology into a curriculum.

The book, published by the International Society for Technology in Education, provides teachers with information about using drones in the classroom: lesson plans, real-world applications and tips on securing funding.

The authors have found that the use of drones in instructional activities allows students to have concrete examples of how science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) concepts are applied and used in the real world.

Because drones can hold students’ attention and engage them in an activity, according to the authors, students are able to apply and master skills that they learned during instruction.

The authors, Dr. Christopher D. Carnahan, NJCU doctoral program coordinator and assistant professor of educational technology, and Dr. Laura Zieger, professor and chairperson in the NJCU department of educational technology, collaborated on the book with Kimberly Crowley, an NJCU doctoral student in educational technology leadership who is a district mathematics supervisor for a large urban school district in New Jersey.


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