Drones Help Dubai’s Ministry of Environment and Water Eradicate Pests


Dubai’s Ministry of Environment and Water has revealed that it is using drone technology to help eradicate the spread of red palm weevils (a type of beetle) on trees.

The drone’s sensors conduct technical, comprehensive surveys of palm farms by measuring the electromagnetic radiation energy being released by infected trees. The data is then collected to map and measure the spectral signature, which identifies the types, locations and degrees of injuries.

The ministry says this practice is in line with a strategic goal of developing and implementing a key plan to fight and eradicate agricultural pests.

Eng. Mohamed Mousa Abdullah, director of the agriculture research department for the Ministry of Environment and Water, explains, “The adoption of drone technology forms part of the ministry’s efforts to implement the best environmental and agricultural practices to achieve sustainable development and reinforce the UAE’s leadership in the world of innovation. This is in line with the initiative launched by H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, president of the UAE, declaring 2015 as the year of innovation.”

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