Drones Deliver Soda to Construction Workers Throughout Singapore


307_coke_drones_5.12.2014 Drones Deliver Soda to Construction Workers Throughout SingaporeMarketing communications company Ogilvy & Mather Singapore (O&M) conceptualized a project for Coca-Cola Singapore in which unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) delivered thousands of cans of Coke to more than 2,500 construction workers throughout Singapore.

According to O&M, the project, which was supported by nonprofit organization Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM), also provided messages of gratitude along with the soda cans.

Themed ‘Happiness from the Skies,’ O&M says the project sought to build connections between Singaporeans and the nation's 1.3 million guest workers that comprise about one-third of Singapore's workforce. The foreign laborers come from countries such as India, China, Bangladesh and Myanmar, the company notes.

O&M reports that SKM volunteers reached out to thousands of Singaporeans, encouraging them to come forward with personalized messages of support, thanks and solidarity for the guest workers.

The company adds that 2,734 photos of these individuals with their handwritten notes were then collected and attached to cans of Coke before being loaded onto custom-designed delivery drones. Some of the UAVs flew as high as the 35th story of construction sites to deliver the soda, O&M says.

‘By deploying drone technology in a new, creative and entirely unexpected way, we created a simple delivery system that not only brought a little happiness to two disparate segments of society, but also built an invisible bridge that connects the guest workers to the local community,’ remarks Eugene Cheong, chief creative officer at O&M Asia Pacific. ‘It also forces us to completely reevaluate our perceptions of drones that are so often associated with negative news reports and violence.’

A video of the drone-delivery project is available here.

Photo courtesy of Ogilvy & Mather

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