Drones Chase Down Runners in 6k Racing Event

861_100plus_outrunner_ratm7 Drones Chase Down Runners in 6k Racing Event100PLUS, an isotonic beverage brand in Malaysia, recently hosted a video-game-like racing event in which drones were deployed to chase the competitors.

Taking place on Jan. 24 in Putrajaya, Malaysia, the 6k Race Against the Machines (RATM) run resembled a video game in that the participants had to dodge, hide from and outrun four drones in the dark on a specially designed course.

The aircraft, armed with searchlights and high-definition video cameras, were powered by six electric propellers, which helped them accelerate up to 57/kmh.

Runners were given a barcode instead of numbers for their race bibs, as well as three lives. They lost lives when the drone scanned their barcode during the race; the objective was to cross the finish line with at least one life remaining.
861_100plus_outrunner_ratm4 Drones Chase Down Runners in 6k Racing Event
The 100PLUS RATM had 3,000 participants at the event and an additional 2,800 active participants at home: those who signed on for the role of drone master.

Drone masters – from their homes – operated the on-board cameras. They had 25 shots each to fire the bot cameras or scanners at the runners and take clear snapshots of the barcodes.

The first 100 runners to finish the race with one life left received awards, as well as the top 30 drone masters.


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