DroneFly, a ‘One-Stop Drone Shop,’ Launches Online

1389_dji_blade DroneFly, a 'One-Stop Drone Shop,' Launches OnlineDroneFly, a one-stop online store for drones and drone-related accessories and services, is now in business.

The company, founded by Taylor Chien, CEO, and Frank Tesoro, chief financial officer, says it provides ‘everything drone,’ including the vehicles themselves, accessories and cases, as well as financing options and repair services. The company offers quadcopters from manufacturers including DJI, 3D Robotics and Hubsan.

Services include accessory installations on Phantom drone models, such as Zenmuse gimbals and upgraded motors, as well as Phantom repair services.

The company offers a service-fee option that covers customers for time technicians spend working on the drones. Technicians diagnose and repair Phantom models following crashes or anything else that may cause a drone to not work properly.

DroneFly says it emphasizes its financing as a way to avoid bank restrictions, keep lines of credit open and enjoy 100% tax deductions.

More information can be found here.


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