DroneDeploy App Provides Free Map Processing for Commercial Drones

DroneDeploy, a Silicon Valley tech company that provides cloud-control solutions for commercial drones, says its software is available for free to anyone in over 120 countries.

DroneDeploy’s free mobile app is currently available for Android devices through Google Play and lets users automate mapping flights for unmanned aircraft. An iOS app has also kicked off in beta.

Additionally, last month, the company reached a milestone of 1 million acres of collected drone data.

CEO Mike Winn explains, “Historically, most drone publicity has been related to one-off examples or what might happen.” However, he says, this is “hundreds of real people getting real results with DroneDeploy.”

“Forty percent of our users’ data is related to agriculture – enabling farmers to get a bird’s-eye view of their fields,” says Winn. The data, collected and processed with DroneDeploy, has enabled customers to identify pests, water damage and irrigation issues and determine the right time to harvest.

DroneDeploy also recently announced what it believes to be the world’s longest commercial drone map: Over 114,000 images were processed from 869 flights over Mexican highways in a project executed by DroneDeploy mapper Sergio Serrato of Skylab Industries.

“DroneDeploy’s scalability is what enabled us to complete this data collection operation on time,” says Serrato. “We undertook a huge project to create a highly accurate map of 1,000 kilometers of highway. Our first image processing solution just couldn’t handle the huge volume of data. We’re happy we found DroneDeploy.”

A sample map from Skylab Industries’ flights can be found here.

To view the Skylab Industries case study, click here.

Photo courtesy of DroneDeploy: A granite processing plant in Sacramento, Calif., taken with the 3D Robotics Aero drone


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