Drone World Expo Offering Session on Humanitarian UAV Applications


The upcoming Drone World Expo has added a panel entitled “Humanitarian Applications for UAVs,” with representatives from the Humanitarian UAV Network, UNICEF and the American Red Cross.

The session, scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 17 at 11:45 am at the San Jose Convention Center, will provide participants with the latest lessons learned and best practices drawn from international humanitarian UAV missions in Nepal, the Philippines, Vanuatu, Haiti, Ireland, Malawi and beyond.

Panelists will include as follows:

  • Patrick Meier, Ph.D, founder of the Humanitarian UAV Network;
  • Erica Kochi, senior advisor on innovation to the executive director for UNICEF; and
  • Quinn Tran, CEO of the American Red Cross of the Silicon Valley.

“Aerial robotics represents the first wave of robotics to impact the humanitarian space. Key applications include data collection, payload delivery and communication services,” comments Meier. “I’m thrilled to be presenting at Drone World Expo with UNICEF and American Red Cross where we can talk about the benefits and challenges posed by UAVs and will introduce the humanitarian UAV guidelines championed by international humanitarian organizations.”

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