Drone World Announces New ‘Supercharger’ and Propellers for DJI Mavic Pro


Drone World has announced additions to the DJI Mavic Pro MaXX Mod Kit, which now includes new propellers and a Thor supercharger designed specifically for the DJI Mavic Pro drone.

Drone World – a provider of drone kits, accessories and bundles – says its MaXX Mod Kit offers accessories for Mavic Pro owners looking to upgrade their drone.

The new 15.7-amp Thor supercharger, capable of charging four batteries and a remote simultaneously, is four times faster than a stock charger, the company claims.

In addition, Drone World says the kit’s new carbon fiber propellers add not only a “sleek, textured look” to the Mavic Pro but also as much as 3-5 mph of speed. The key to the upgrade is new MachFlex technology, which adds a slight flexibility to the normally stiff carbon propeller in order to eliminate video camera jitters, according to the company.

Stephen McKenna, president and founder of Drone World, says the MachFlex technology is the “result of two years of engineering.”

“They are both stiff and flexible, yielding the perfect stiffness to clock faster drone speeds while maintaining video quality smoothness,” he says. “Plus, our heavy-duty hubs are twice as strong as other aftermarket hubs.”

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