Drone Spotted at the Aftermath of California’s Earthquake


After a 6.0-magnitude earthquake recently hit the Bay Area of California, a man took his unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to the scene to see what he could do.

According to an article from The New Yorker, Evan Kilkus, a recent college graduate, was helping to clean up the damage in Napa, but he brought his UAV with him for other purposes.

The report says he is trying to start UAV-video business and thought he might be able to use footage of the post-earthquake scene to promote it. Another idea he had is lending – at a low price – the aircraft to businesses to more easily look for damage caused by the natural disaster.

The report says that others were not pleased to see the UAV in the sky; one spectator even said he would shoot it down with a gun.

Kilkus' footage of the damage has since been uploaded to YouTube.

Read the full New Yorker report here.

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