Drone to Document Entire Cross-Country Canada Trip

In celebration of Canada’s 150th year, a drone is streaming footage of an entire cross-country trip totaling more than 11,000 kilometers.

Duracell’s Explorer150 trip starts in the most westerly community of Beavercreek, Yukon, and travels across the country with stops in each province and territory, ending in the most eastern tip of Canada in St. John’s, Newfoundland. In addition to the streamed footage of the progress of the drone and accompanying RV, the Explorer150 program is also sharing people’s stories along the way.

Duracell says it is working closely with Transport Canada and InDro Robotics for the project. InDro Robotics is a Canadian company that provides drone operations for applications such as first response and emergency/disaster management. The company employs 18 engineers, scientists, commercial pilots and ex-military personnel in facilities across Canada and the U.S.

“Working with drones is challenging since they are such a new innovation,” explains Peter Gorzkowski, director of marketing and commercial operations at Duracell Canada. “Duracell is proud to take a leadership role in this space and, in doing so, bring Canada to Canadians. We are thrilled that Duracell, Canada’s most trusted battery brand, will be powering this journey.”

Duracell says Canadians who want to support the journey can help drive awareness by sharing content. In addition, if they see the drone journey in their community, they are welcome to come out and meet the team.

More on the journey can be seen here or on Twitter via #explorer150.


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