Drone Delivery Canada Says Commercialization Underway


Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) says it is moving toward commercial operations and revenue generation in 2019 in remote Canada and rural Canadian communities.

In addition, DDC will also be immediately pursuing eight additional business verticals where it sees growth opportunities: health care, pharmaceuticalsm, oil and gas, mining, agriculture, forestry, construction, and courier.

“The opportunities in front of us are not only with the many Canadian First Nations and Inuit remote communities, but also with a broad range of government, commercial and industrial applications globally,” comments Michael Zahra, vice president of operations and strategy. “We are also seeing an increase in traction with our international customers globally as our drone delivery system continues to be validated globally. Our proven system is seen as a commercially viable delivery infrastructure solution to companies looking to reduce costs and dramatically improve logistics.”

DDC has released a promotional video that focuses on its new plans:

In March 2018, DDC completed a series of test flights at Griffiss International Airport in Rome, N.Y., representing the first for the company in the U.S. Also last year, Jim Williams, former manager of the Federal Aviation Administration’s unmanned aircraft systems integration office, was appointed director of U.S. regulatory affairs.

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