Drone Caught Flying Over Music Festival; FAA Takes Notice


479_115706828 Drone Caught Flying Over Music Festival; FAA Takes NoticeThe Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is reportedly investigating drone-captured aerial footage of Chicago's Lollapalooza music festival.

The Chicago Tribune's RedEye reports that videos surfaced on YouTube of three different days of overhead footage from the event, which took place Aug. 1-3. Other festival-goers took to social media to report seeing a drone, and a performer himself even posted to Twitter that he had seen a “UFO.”

A spokesperson from the FAA told RedEye that the agency is looking into the videos but does not yet know if anything will come of it; however, one of the FAA’s regulations is that operators must avoid crowds of people.

The report says the DJI aircraft was operated only 230 feet in the air and therefore met the FAA’s rule of staying under 400 feet.

Read the full article here.

Update, Aug. 11: NBC Chicago reports that the case has been closed after the FAA spoke with the operator and reminded him of the current regulations regarding drone use.

Watch the footage here.

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