Drone Brings Happy Ending in Search for Missing Horse


An infrared camera-equipped DJI Phantom 2 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has been credited with finding a wounded horse that had been missing for three days in Colorado.

Last Thursday, 29-year-old Houdini the horse escaped through a gate at an 800-acre ranch in Castle Rock, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette.

Following a three-day “manhunt,” the report says, the owners of local company Multicopter Warehouse sent up their DJI drone on Saturday, when they faced several adversities: hot weather that interfered with the infrared camera’s capabilities – and even someone who used a gun in an attempt to shoot the UAV down.

On Sunday morning, the team successfully located Houdini stuck in the depths of bushes roughly half a mile from his home. According to the vet, had the horse not been recovered within the next 24 hours, he would have succumbed to his injuries, the article says.

The full coverage can be found here.

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