Drone Becomes Pizza Delivery Man: Take Two


374_94806358 Drone Becomes Pizza Delivery Man: Take TwoFollowing the excitement and subsequent letdown of the Indian pizza place that falsely claimed to have delivered a pie via drone, a pizzeria in Russia says it has now achieved the feat.

According to The Moscow Times, DoDo's Pizza in Syktyvkarn – the Komi republic's capital city – used a camera-equipped unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to deliver a pizza to a customer in 30 minutes.

Once the aircraft reached the customer, the manager, who was watching the flight through the camera, called the customer in order to ensure it got to the correct location. The meal was prepaid, as the UAV is not able to take payments.

The delivery reportedly received a round of applause from a crowd, and the restaurant owners would like to continue the drone service.

The Moscow Times report can be found here.

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