Drone Alliance Europe: We Don’t Want a Patchwork of Rules Either

Drone Alliance Europe (DAE) is reiterating its call for a single, fully harmonized and proportionate set of European Union-wide rules on the operation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

DAE says the European Parliament’s Committee on Transport and Tourism is currently working on the European Commission’s proposal to review the EU safety rules presented last December as part of the Aviation Package. In parallel, work is underway in the Council of the European Union.

The alliance says its welcomes Members of the European Parliament’s recent involvement in suggesting amendments to the drone provisions; however, some of the proposed amendments risk impeding the development of a competitive European UAS market, explains DAE.

In particular, the alliance is concerned by amendments that call for only limited EU-level harmonization of the rules: giving Member States the possibility to adopt or maintain stricter but differing rules regarding security and safety protection.

Though it sounds reasonable, says DAE, a subjective approach could, in fact, be counterproductive and restrict the industry by creating a patchwork of rules (similar to what the Federal Aviation Administration explained about the U.S. industry in a fact sheet released last December).

“The European drone industry leads the world in innovation and in business development,” states Andrew Charlton, DAE’s executive director. “But differences in national rules fragment markets and prevent mutual recognition. In order to maintain Europe’s leadership, we need one single system based on objective standards. At the same time, it is essential that European rules provide innovators the flexibility to test new
technologies in any Member States.”


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