DreamHammer Releases DroneOS Operating System in Beta

San Diego-based DreamHammer has announced the release of a drone operating system, DroneOS, which includes industrial-grade avionics and an operator ground control system.

DroneOS is currently available in beta release to a limited number of customers; a full release is planned for 2016. The company has been providing ground control systems to drone manufacturers for the past six years.

Features of the off-the-shelf system include a rugged design to withstand harsh environments, embedded intelligence featuring self-monitoring capability, and a focus on applications: The system maximizes the utility of the drone through an integrated development and deployment environment. Developers can provide operators and analysts a variety of custom features to host many applications, interface with multitudes of payload and house custom algorithms with the processing power to get the job done, DreamHammer explains.

The company says the system also includes an integrated workflow for commercial drone operators to comply with their Section 333 exemption requirements.

“The potential for drones is being stunted – not by the [Federal Aviation Administration] – but by the lack of reliability and power of products in the market that are currently available to enterprise customers and their drone operators,” says Nelson Paez, CEO of DreamHammer. “We’re bridging the tremendous gap in the market with a system that will be priced to make mass adoption of true enterprise-grade drones possible.”dreamhammer2 DreamHammer Releases DroneOS Operating System in Beta


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