Draganfly Innovations Unveils Two Quadrotor Helicopters


Unmanned aerial system (UAS) manufacturer Draganfly Innovations has released two new multi-rotor helicopters, the Shadow and Guardian.

Draganfly says these quadrotor aircraft are built to carry high mega-pixel cameras and transmit the live video feed back to the operator. Both aircraft share the same frame, with the Guardian sporting more powerful motors and a larger battery, giving it a higher payload capacity. The UAS are 28 inches in diameter and 10 inches in height, the company notes.

According to Draganfly, the main battery is quick-swappable, allowing unlimited end-to end-flights (given adequate spare batteries and chargers). All payloads feature the new Draganfly 1/4 turn quick connect system.

Optional payloads, the company adds, currently include a 2-axis brushless stabilized GoPro Hero 3+ mount for video and a 1-axis brushless stabilized 20MP Sony QX100 mount with remote zoom for stills. Payloads feature real-time digital video downlinks and recording of the video or images to an onboard SD card or the handheld controller.

Draganfly notes that features of the airframe shared by the Shadow and Guardian include wide-stance landing gear, rugged carbon fiber construction, automated GPS position hold, altitude hold, and automated fail-safes for auto-land and return-to-home. The controller features a direct-sunlight-viewable touch screen, live aircraft telemetry, audible system warnings and a wireless “buddy system’ for connecting an optional additional controller during flight training or when having a second person act as camera operator.

The Shadow and Guardian look similar, the company says, but the Guardian’s more powerful motors and larger battery give it a 400 g payload capacity, versus the 300 g payload capacity of the Shadow.

The Shadow and Guardian helicopters are suitable for aerial photography, industrial inspection, 3D terrain mapping, wildlife protection, agriculture, research, search and rescue, and public safety, according to Draganfly. Each system includes a free Lil' Draganflyer miniature quadrotor helicopter for flight training to prepare the user for the feel of a quadrotor helicopter.

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