DJI, uAvionix Collaborate on ADS-B Collision Avoidance for Drones

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) company DJI and uAvionix Corp., a manufacturer of aircraft collision-avoidance technology, have announced a collaboration in which they will create an automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B) software developer kit (SDK).

The uAvionix line of lightweight Ping ADS-B receivers allows a drone to sense surrounding aircraft and initiate collision-avoidance maneuvers based on that information. DJI says its onboard SDK enables this interaction by providing a flexible means of accessing the drone’s flight control systems.

Developers will now be able to create customized applications that use Ping ADS-B data to implement collision avoidance to suit their needs, the companies say.

“DJI developers will now be able to process ADS-B data and close the loop all within an embedded computer onboard the vehicle,” explains Darren Liccardo, DJI’s vice president of engineering.

According to the companies, adding Ping ADS-B into a collision-avoidance system can help prevent conflicts if a drone pilot loses situational awareness, operates too close to other aircraft or inadvertently strays into restricted airspace. A UAV paired with the uAvionix ping2020 transceiver, for example, can transmit its position to surrounding aircraft and air traffic control. The Ping transmitter network marries with existing radar systems to provide manned aircraft pilots with early warning of drones operating in their vicinity.

“Working in concert with the DJI onboard SDK, our aircraft avoidance technology will provide a more complete picture of potential conflicts in the airspace,” adds Paul Beard, uAvionix’s founder and CEO.


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