DJI Announces Ship Date for Inspire 1 RAW Drone with Zenmuse X5R

DJI has announced that both its Zenmuse X5R camera and Inspire 1 RAW drone with an integrated X5R camera are expected to start shipping in March 2016.

DJI first announced the forthcoming Zenmuse X5R in September. The Micro Four-Thirds camera features an interchangeable lens options with remote-controlled focus and aperture. It records CinemaDNG files to a solid-state drive (SSD) and is the world’s smallest, loss-less 4K camera optimized for aerial imaging, according to DJI.

Video bit rates average 1.7 Gbps, with a maximum of 2.4 Gbps. The X5R also offers a new D-LOG mode with a broader array of color correction options in post production, DJI notes.

The Inspire 1 RAW, which includes the drone and camera, is available for $5,999, and the Zenmuse X5R camera is $3,599. Without the lens and with the SSD, the Zenmuse X5R is $3,199.


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