DIY Drone Kit Lets Kids Draw Their Own Circuit

Circuit Scribe has announced the release of its DIY electronic kits, made with printer paper, a Circuit Scribe pen and a circuit, which kids can use to create their own drone.

Circuit Scribe is a highly conductive-ink rollerball pen, which can be used to draw circuits by hand. Using the DIY drone kit, which includes perforated sections of cardboard, a motor and four propeller clamps, and kids can create a quadcopter.

According to Circuit Scribe, backers of the original product (through a Kickstarter campaign) have used the pen for education, prototyping and electronic art. The first campaign garnered $675,000 from more than 12,000 backers.

“Our new DIY kits emphasize the creativity and power that Circuit Scribe can have for truly prototyping electronics,” says Brett Walker, the start-up’s founder and CEO. “The original kits have a strong following and are very good education tools. The new kits allow the user to make a real device.”

Walker founded the start-up in fall 2014 along with Analisa Russo. Walker received his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering and worked on reactive silver inks at the University of Illinois. Also at the university was Russo, content creator and co-founder, who saw the invention as a tool for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. Circuit Scribe is available exclusively on Kickstarter.


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