Deveron UAS Issued Transport Canada Approval for Three More Provinces


Toronto-based Deveron UAS Corp., a drone data service company for agriculture, has received a standing Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) to deploy its unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba as a restricted operator for complex operations.

Under its SFOC from Transport Canada, Deveron has received approvals to expand into western Canada with up to four different pieces of hardware. Having previously secured an SFOC for Ontario, the company now has the capacity to operate from Ontario through into Alberta.

A standing SFOC is issued to allow operations within a defined geographical boundary (e.g., a province) and removes the requirement to submit individual sites for prior approval, subject to certain conditions. A standing SFOC is not issued until the UAV operator has gained sufficient experience and demonstrates a history of safe operations, says Deveron.

“With SFOC approvals across multiple operating jurisdictions, the foundation is being built to serve farming clients from Ontario to the B.C. border,” says David MacMillan, president and CEO of Deveron. “Collectively, there are over 80 million acres of farmland in Canada that can benefit from high-resolution drone imagery.”

Formerly Deveron Resources, which focused on mineral exploration, Deveron UAS acquired Eagle Scout Imaging late last year and ventured into the UAS sector. Its services are targeted at farmers, agricultural retailers and independent agronomists.

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