Deveron Begins Drone Data Study on Beans Impacted by White Mold

Toronto-based Deveron UAS Corp. has commenced a drone data study with Hensall District Cooperative (HDC) and an agrochemical company with respect to variable-rate fungicide applications.

Drone data is being used to test the efficacy and potential return on investment for using variable-rate fungicide applications on edible beans that are impacted by white mold.

In collaboration with HDC, one of Ontario’s largest farming cooperatives, Deveron is providing all drone data collection and analytics, including normalized difference vegetation index imagery. High-severity cases of white mold can impact soybean yields by 40%-50%; however, identifying the presence of white mold and efficiently making decisions to spray crop with fungicide has remained a challenge in agriculture, explains Deveron UAS.

As part of the project, once the data has been collected by Deveron, HDC is providing on-the-ground agronomic expertise.

“Every field has variability, and HDC is committed to seek the best way to measure and manage the variability. Since the technological landscape continues to change, in 2016, HDC started to work in the fields with Deveron UAS, where their goal is to make imagery easier,” says Steve Redmond, HDC’s precision ag specialist.

David MacMillan, president and CEO of Deveron, adds, “Our focus in 2016 is working with progressive leaders in agriculture that use our drone data and analytics. We continue to highlight the value that drone data have for enterprise-level customers.”


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