Delivery Drones Being Tested by Nordic Company


Mekonomen Group, a chain of spare-car-part suppliers in the Nordic region, is testing out deliveries via drone.

This new shipping method will facilitate faster deliveries and increased cost savings, the group says, adding that the drone is particularly suitable in inaccessible areas where the difference between the road and the straight-line distance is significant. Because the aircraft reduce the usage of delivery vans, the method also cuts down on vehicle emissions.

The quadcopter is fully automatic and requires no physical control by an operator. After the delivery, the drone returns to the starting point and lands itself without supervision. The sender can choose to monitor the delivery live via a mobile telephone connected to a Web camera on the aircraft.

The group’s aim is to increase the rate of deliveries for stores and provide workshops with the opportunity to order spare parts at short notice.

“The project started as a hobby by employees in the store and developed into a tool for rapid delivery of spare parts to a workshop customer in Värmdö [Sweden],” says Alexander Rantzow, business manager in Värmdö. “Drone deliveries will not yet replace deliveries by delivery service vans, but in the long-term, we recognize the potential for our sellers to spend more time with each customer or be available for our customers in the store when deliveries no longer require a driver.”

Mekonomen Group consists of three subgroups: Meca Scandinavia, Mekonomen Nordic and Sørensen og Balchen. It has approximately 400 stores and over 2,300 workshops.

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