Delaware DOT Reinforces in Drone Notice That FAA Controls Airspace

The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) is reminding unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators that the state does not have laws regarding the recreational or hobbyist use of UAVs. Rather, it is reinforcing the fact that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) does have authority over the National Airspace System and, thus, users must comply with the federal agency’s rules.

The DelDOT reminds the public that the FAA considers UAVs aircraft, even those flown for recreational purposes. Therefore, recreational users will be required to register their drone (weighing over 250 g) with the FAA, the department explains.

The DelDOT’s office of aeronautics says there are available resources that can provide airspace information and safety tips: for instance, AirMap, the Know Before You Fly campaign, the FAA and the Academy of Aeronautics.

In collaboration with Know Before You Fly, DelDOT Aeronautics provides a list from Santa with UAV flying requirements that will keep users on the “nice list” for Christmas. This flyer can be found here.

Photo courtesy of DelDOT


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