Delair Debuts New Ag Drone for Long-Range Flights


Delair, a France-based supplier of commercial drone solutions, has announced a new drone platform, the Delair UX11 Ag, specifically optimized for the agriculture industry.

Built on the foundation of the Delair UX11 fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the new drone, offering an endurance of up to 52 minutes, is suited for long-range or beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations.

The hand-launched Delair UX11 Ag features a fully integrated Micasense multispectral camera to generate plant health indexes and RGB images, and it is calibrated for precise, repeatable measurements. Weighing 1.6 kg (approximately 3.52 lbs.), the UAV can typically cover up to 900 hectares in a single day with only six flights at a 150-meter altitude.

Two communications options are available with the drone: the Delair Link for 2.4 GHz wireless communications, allowing a range of up to 5 km, and an integrated secure cellular connection on partner 3G and 4G networks, reducing potential interference issues and allowing a longer range, including BVLOS operations.

Further, according to the company, the drone offers centimeter-level, automatic geolocation, enabling an overlay of maps for temporal analysis or machine guidance. The drone also enables real-time review of data for analyzing while in the field.

In addition, according to Delair, the new drone’s ease of use makes it faster to set up and deploy, and with a rugged “ag-proof” design specifically built for the harsh operational challenges found in agriculture use cases, it lowers overall maintenance, the company says.

“The Delair UX11-Ag directly addresses an opportunity in the fast-growing agriculture and forestry segment with a solution that uniquely meets the productivity and ease-of-use requirements of these operations,” says Michaël de Lagarde, co-founder and CEO of Delair. “It fills the void that exists between traditional small-scale solutions, such as flight-time-limited quadcopters, and the limited resolution and agility through satellites. We have built on a proven foundation of our UX11 model and created a platform that is both cost-effective and high-performing to deliver very precise and actionable insights for agricultural stakeholders of all kinds of crops.”

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